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    Current specials available at Right Price Exhaust

    At Right Price Exhausts, we’re passionate about offering our customers the highest quality exhausts and mufflers at the lowest possible prices. Take a look at our latest offers below for the best deals in the Brisbane and Logan City area.


    All our 4x4 sports systems are on sale til Christmas day.

    All brands, all part numbers.

    For Example

    Ford Ranger/BT50 3.2L  3" Turbo Back, Dump Pipe, Hiflow Diesel Cat, Flex and Straight through Muffler.

    Outlaw 409 Stainless Kit $945 Fitted, 

    with Outlaw 5 Year Warranty.

    Aluminised Steel Kit $775 Fitted

    Nissan Patrol 3.0 Turbo Back.

    Outlaw 409 Stainless Kit $ 966 Fitted,

    with Outlaw 5 Year Warranty. 

    Aluminised Steel Kit $725 Fitted

    Give us a call on (07)3808 9211 to get a quote on your 4x4

    offer finishes December 24th 2017 

    For more information about our latest specials, call our friendly team today on 07 3808 9211

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